Wilding Bee

Stay in a peaceful enchanting nature reserve for the native black wild honeybee
Space to be and connect with nature and self
Argyll and Bute
West coast of Scotland



Wilding Bee Nature Reserve is a project to create natural habitat for the native black wild honeybee and other wildlife, and to provide information, education and therapy. A space to be and connect with nature and self. I offer bed and breakfast, psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching which not only supports others but all proceeds supports the running of the nature reserve.

The project was set up in 2019 when I took a step into the unknown to follow my dream of providing habitat for the native black bee on a large scale. The native black honeybee is now rare and needs help rebuilding habitat for its survival. I am a psychotherapist, life coach, beekeeper and horticulturalist and feel that the wilding bee project is my gift back to life. I bought a smallholding on the west coast of Scotland and moved here with my honeybees, chickens and cats. After breakingdown we got towed by two very kind and helpful recovery truck drivers, who made it possible for us to reach our destination safely.

2020 I have been planting a native woodland of rowan, downy birch, sessile oak and alder. I have created enclosures of hawthorn and blackthorn to protect areas from the red deer to create a wild meadow in a few years once they have grown. 15 flowerbeds have also been created and planted with wildflowers and other native perennials for the bees. Just after finishing all the planned planting for this year I caught and gave a home to my first swarm of native black honeybees. I first heard then saw the swarm coming up from the woods and landed on a birch trunk by the house in the shape of a love-heart (in last photograph).


  • Strone Farm strathlachlan PA27 8DB
  • Argyll and Bute