Therapy and workshops

Therapy and workshops

Argyll and Bute Psychotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching Service

I run a private practice which will be accessible to you during your stay should you wish. All the services will need to be booked in advance when making your reservation. Please follow external link to on home page for further details. 

Afternoon Workshops

Workshops will start in 2021 due to Covid.

Introduction to Beekeeping

I will introduce you to my bees and teach you as I work with them with what they are needing on the day. It could be opening a hive to inspect the colony for a variety of reasons and maybe a taste of honeycomb. A guided walk around the reserve identifying the bees food source.

Guided walk around the reserve

I will take you round the nature reserve and show you how I work with nature and provide information that you can then apply in your own home and environment to help the honeybee and other wildlife.

Candle making  

Learn to create a beautiful beeswax candle to take home with you.

Pottery for beginners

Learn how to use a traditional treadle manual Potters wheel to make a pot or mug, which I will glaze and fire for you when I am next using the kiln and post it to you.

Learn how to fire pit kiln, I will provide the bowl already bisc fired ready for fire pit kilning which will be ready for you the next morning.


Each workshop lasts for 1-2 hours 

Costs £45 per person